Naseer Shamma

Born in 1963 in Kut, Iraq, Naseer Shamma is a musician internationally known for being one of the world's greatest oud virtuosos as well as a music composer for numerous films, theatre productions and television shows. He demonstrates along his works and musical performances a clear commitment to peace, especially by targeting youth.

A graduated of Baghdad Music Academy in 1987, Naseer Shamma taught oud at the Tunisian Higher Institute of Music between 1993 and 1998, and served as Director of the Arabic Oud House in Cairo – an institution that he has founded in Abu Dhabi -. A multi-talented musician, he has participated in several international concerts and festivals of music and poetry, which contributed to revi interest in the oud accompanying poetry.

All along his career, he has participated to numerous concerts and international festivals of music and poetry that contributed to revitalize his interest in the oud accompanying poetry. Moreover, he has hosted various Iraqi television and radio shows, and the founder of many bands including “Al-Bayarik” in 1986. He plays also an important role in the rapprochement between the Orient and the West by collaborating with legendary European and American musicians and composers such as the American trumpet player Wynton Marsalis. Shamma is the composer of various albums such as: Qisset Hob Sharkiya (Oriental Love Story, 1994), Hissar Bagdad (The Baghdad Embargo, 2000) and Rihlet Al-Arwah (Travel of Souls, 2011).

Famous for playing the oud with one hand, Nasser Shamma has developed this technique in order to allow the injured children of the Gulf War to play music. A stunning creative artist, he manufactured an eight-strings-oud according to a manuscript of the Arabic philosopher Al-Fârâbî, dating from the 9th century. This new instrument increased the Oud musical range as well as produced a specific tone.

Mr Shamma received numerous awards for his contribution to promoting and advancing Arabic music all over the world: the Best Adagio Award in Iraq in 1986, the Best Artist of Iraq in 1994, the Decoration of the Royal British Academy in 1998, the Medal of the Taha Hussein Museum of Egypt in 1998, the Prize of the 1st edition of the International Festival of Istanbul for all his musical works in 2010, The Stars Festival Awards in Alexandria in 2010, the Gusi Peace Prize in the category "Performing Arts" in 2012.

He has created humanitarian associations such as "The Flower Road" and Ahlna to help children and displaced people. Since 2012, he has organized many concerts in Baghdad, particularly during the International Day of Peace celebrated on 21 September.

"Travelling Souls"2011
(Viaje de las almas)
Casa Discográfica: Pneuma

(Grabado con la “Eastern Orchestra" de El Cairo)

"Art Al-Sawaad"2006

(Junto con “Al-Oyoin Group”) 
Casa Discográfica: Pneuma


"Ancient dreams"2004
Casa Discográfica: Hibrid Records

"Maqamat Zíryáb"2003
Casa Discográfica: Pneuma

"The moon fades"1999
Editado en Francia

"Ishraq" (Iluminación)1996
Editado en Italia