IV International Mystic and Teresian Music Festival September 3-9 2018 Avila Spain

organized by CITeS Universidad de la Mística. University Director: P. Francisco Javier Sancho Fermín. Artistic Director: Giuliana Cesarini.

The aim of the Festival is to bring together, under the commemoration of the cultural, human and spiritual approach of Teresa de Jesús: artists, composers, singers, dancers of different cultures who, regardless of their language, tradition or musical style, are in tune and harmony with the deep spiritual message of the universal mystics. A union with the transcendent, that every artist aspires to reach. This year the Festival will be during the II Worldwide Congress dedicat to St. John of the Cross.

There are the artists invited at IV Edition (3-9 September 2018): Julia Arroyo (guitar) from Ávila Spain, Rubén Fernandez Manzanas (violin) from Avila Spain, Rodrigo Rodriguez (Japanis flute) from Argentina, Ewa Uryga (voice)Grezgorz Dowgiallo (voice and piano) -  Mariusz Wójtowicz (voice and flute) from Poland and the duo Claviere Elena Modena (voice) e Ilario Gregoletto (harpsicord) from Italy.

Great national and international artists have been invited in the city of Ávila, throughout the past three editions (2015, 2016, 2017): the Spanish singers Carmela Martínez and Sister. Fabiola Torrero, the flamenco singer Curro Piñana, the classical music trioSergo Lazarev (violin) -Elena Sharayeva (cello) - Alexandra Andreeva (piano), the classical quartet Habemus Quarte, the Indian interpreter of Sitar Roop Verma, the dervishes of Syria AL Turazi Al Andalusi, the Poland group of traditional and folk music Teresa500, the Airun Group of Barcelona, teh spanish folk singer Julia León, ​​the Italian pianist Alessandra Cesarini, the violinist Julián Andrés Thomas, the winners of the I International Competition "Música Callada": Jimena Rojas (violin), Sofia Ianni, (cello), Lucia Abajo Lis (piano), Claudia Presa Cesarini (cello), Jimena Barco (cello), Alfredo Vicent (Clasical Guitar).