Alexandra Andreeva

Russian pianist, she graduated at the prestigious State Superior Music Academy «Gnesin» where she finished, with the highest qualifications, her postgraduate and  higher studies, receiving classes with magnificent professor L. Bulatova. She studied accompaniment art with professor E. Strikovskaya, perfecting her as a piano accompanist.

She has attended the singing classes of great Russian singers such as Z. Dolukhánova and N. Yureneva. Previously she studied at the Professional Music Conservatory of Orel and at the Liceo School of the same city.

She has been awarded with prizes in several piano competitions: «Young Talents from Russia», Kalinnikov, St. Petersburg. Winner of the Bulgarian International Competition (2006). Among the scholarships received, stand out the awarded by the Ministry of Culture (Russia) and by the Foundation of the People's Artist of the Russian Federation E. Bystrizkaya.

As accompanist, she participated in the master classes of V.Dánchenko-Shtern (USA), E. Mertson (Germany) and M. Caballé (Spain)

Her pedagogical activity began as an assistant to Professor Strikovskaya at the State Superior Music Academy «Gnesin». Later she was appointed full professor of the State Academy of Arts of Orel.

She registered several recordings for the National Drama Centre in Spain.

She has developed her professional facet with participation in many important events such as: the concert series «¡Viva la ópera!» in the Basque Country, lyrical concert at the Semana Grande in Bilbao. Currently she teaches at one of the most prestigious music schools in Madrid: «Intermezzo», following the traditions of Russian musical education.